• Children and Charity International
     During the summer students will engage in STEM related activities from a NASA developed and provided curriculum, Mon thru Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Activities will integrate standard weather products with local, intensive launch window data collection to estimate the probability of violating any weather-related launch Commit Criteria. Students will also work cooperatively to design and build robots, and participate in occupational skills and practices for business and workplace success. charities1 charities1
  • Hispanic Family Programs
     The program provides English language instruction, GED preparation, health consultations, vocational support, and valuable services such as food, clothing, furniture and distribution.
     As Washington area neighborhoods are increasingly attracting Hispanic immigrants, the need for hope and neighborhood stability could not be greater. Hispanic Family programs provide immediate aid and long-term training to enable families to improve their financial situations.
     Along with assisting individuals, the program also works with Hispanic pastors in the Washington area to reinforce their efforts and open new doors for ministry.
  • Spiritual Transformation Program
     The Spiritual Transformation Program is about changed lives-not just on the outside, but deep inside. The program gives dedicated students the tools they need to overcome addictions and other life-controlling issues.
     The 12-to-18 month intensive residential program for men offers counseling, educational opportunities, job and skills training, cultural exposure and work therapy projects. The focus is on renewing hope, restoring family relationships, and returning once-broken men to productive lives. The program can accommodate 50 men at any given time.
    SHARE Food Network is access to healthy, affordable food to everyone that strengthens communities through volunteer service.
    SHARE (Self Help And Resource Exchange) was formed in 1983 in San Diego, California by Deacon Carl Shelton and the Catholic Diocese. Deacon Shelton believed it was possible to implement a self-help approach to meeting the food needs in interested communities. SHARE-DC was launched in April, 1990 by Catholic Charities and the Knights of Malta. SHARE-DC serves communities in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.